Working with teachers

Because classroom teachers can have more impact on their students than I can, I’m always grateful for the chance to work with teachers in poetry workshops. My professional development workshops are:

Practical –

Each participant receives handouts, activities, and suggestions that can be used in the classroom the very next day.

Relevant —

Each workshop deals with a topic of interest to any teacher who wants to make poetry come alive in the classroom.

Flexible —

Most workshops are designed in two-hour modules that can be combined as a multi-part program.

Interactive —

Teachers have the opportunity to try for themselves activities that are the core of the workshops.


Although I will design a workshop for your staff, I have conducted professional development workshops in these areas:

·      The Possibilities of Poetry

·      Exploring Poetry in the Content Areas

·      Who Am I?: Writing Memoir Poems

·      Journal Writing and Poetry

·      Reading Poetry in the Middle School Classroom

·      History as Poetry


I also offer full-day and two-hour professional development workshops.