A sample of comments from students who have taken my summer graduate course . . .

"The course was great! I felt it met my needs and expectations. It was full of great ideas and strategies that I will use next year."

"Thank you for pushing the comfort level in writing."

"Things I liked: your sense of humor; values related to writing; journaling, even though that was scary for me; low pressure, but you maintained high (yet reasonable) expectations; meaningful projects."

"I loved the class. Nice style. Lots of examples. Tons of stuff to take home. It worked: I'll be less fearful about trying to write poetry with my students."

"I appreciate the sharing time and the level of respect and humor. Terrific course."

"This was one of the best courses I've taken. Paul is a superb instructor, high knowledgeable, and comfortable with material, process, and students."

"Great class . . .very interesting and well paced . . .offered many resources in many media . . . Bravo!"

"Paul is an inspirational, thought provoking instructor."

"Paul is a master teacher. He has great respect for his students."