Young Indiana Jones and the Pirates' loot


Talk about having fun writing! It was a blast pretending I was Young Indy and creating one HRE (Hair Raising Experience) after another. And then finding a way to get Jones out of them. But there was more to writing this novel than just having fun. The first thing I needed to do was research the time period to make sure that the book was historically accurate. Then, before I could start the novel, I had to submit a 20-page outline of the book. Once the outline was approved, I started scribbling. Because I was hoping to write other books like this one, I used a pen name for the Indy book: J.N. Fox. How did I come up with that name? It's the the name of my favorite baseball player when I was growing up, Nellie Fox, whose full name was Jacob Nelson Fox. He was a scrappy second baseman for the Chicago White Sox who got the most out of his abilities. How did a kid from New Jersey came to root for a team in the middle of the country? Don't ask because I have no idea. I just loved reading about Fox.