seeing the blue between

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If you have ever wanted to write poetry, but you just weren't confident enough to try, this book my give you a friendly nudge in the direction of your paper and pencil. About 25 poets—many of them your favorites, I'm sure—wrote letters to a young writer specifically for this book. In addition to the brief letters offering advice and inspiration, each poet is represented by a poem or two. It's the perfect package for you, if you want to write poetry. And it's available in paperback.


  • A National Council of Teachers of English Notable Children's Book in the Language Arts
  • A New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing Selection

The buzz...

To work up enthusiasm about writing—and not just poetry—one could hardly do better for young people than this fresh and inviting collection.
— The Kirkus Reviews
This is a wonderful book!
— The Yellow Brick Road