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In a sense, the poems in this collection are the flip side of the poems in Dirty Laundry Pile. Those mask poems are written from the point of view of an object, while these poems of address are written to an object. Like Pile, this collection is great fun, especially when you read the poems out loud. Among other things, poems in this book are written to a sea horse, a barn, a flashlight, and a skyscraper. If you're looking for a different way to write a poem, try writing a poem to an object.

The buzz...

Surprising and inspiring. The poems range wildly in tone from the frivolous to the heartfelt, and the book flows beautifully from subjec to subject . . .[and] Rayevsky’sillustrations add visual appeal and gentle humor without overwhelming the words.
— Horn Book Magazine (starred review)
A favorite writing exercise here becomes an enjoyable anthology of whimsical poems on every imaginable subject.
— New York Times Book Review
In poetry, the term apostrophe means a direct address to an inanimate thing, an animal, or an abstract concept. That what the poems in this lively anthology do, and . . .lend themselves easily to popular, kid-friendly wriing exercises, and teachers will appreciate the range of styles represented here.
— Booklist