Welcome to my blog


             One of the best things about this new-and-improved website is that it gives me the chance to write a blog. As the blog evolves, I’ll try to keep it practical, helpful, and lighthearted. The subject of the blog will be about poetry. Mostly. However, I will, from time to time, have something to say about the writing process, creativity, and journaling. I will talk about how I write, select poems, and decide which book I would like to write next. Oh, and I might have something to say about the Red Sox, fountain pens, and living on the coast of Maine. I will also have a monthly Poetry Connection, in which I will feature a poem by a contemporary poet, followed by some comments by the poet about the poem. In addition, I will alert you to new and noteworthy poetry books, especially those suitable for classroom use. And, since so much of poetry is sound, I have partnered with AudioFile magazine to bring you news and reviews of worthwhile audio poetry programs. I hope to include a link to excerpts from these books. Finally, I plan to share poetry-writing lessons for your classrooms.

            I hope that From My Desk is not a one-way street. I will welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions.